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Bodega Escorihuela Gascón

Founded in 1884 by Miguel Escorihuela Gascón, it is one of the oldest wine producers in Mendoza and is now a leader in premium Argentine wine production.

With vineyards in various highly-prized locations, including Agrelo, and Valle de Uco, which is 100% organic and biodynamic, their Godoy Cruz establishment is the oldest working winery in the city of Mendoza and houses a very prestigious restaurant and visitor centre.

Escorihuela’s philosophy is to combine the knowledge of over 130 years of history with avant-grade farming and winemaking techniques to achieve some of the very finest Argentine wines.

Agrelo vines 5.jpg
Bodega Escorihuela Gascon: About
Bodega Escorihuela Gascon: Video

Bodega Escorihuela Gascón

Estate Selection

Familia Gascon Malbec - BottShot_edited.png

Familia Gascon Malbec

Escorihuela Gascon Organic Malbec - BottShot_edited.png

Escorihuela Gascon Organic Malbec

Escorihuela Gascon MEG - BottShot_edited.png

Escorihuela Gascon MEG

Escorihuela Gascon Gran Reserva - BottShot_edited.png

Escorihuela Gascon Gran Reserva

Escorihuela Gascon The Presidents Blend- BottShot_edited.png

Escorihuela Gascon The Presidents Blend

Bodega Escorihuela Gascon: Products
Agrelo VineyardsJMP_1387 edit.jpg
Bodega Escorihuela Gascon: Image
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